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 a focal point of interest

Imagine walking into your yard and you notice the sound of falling water. You move towards the sound and find a magnificent water garden! Darting fish, fragrant flowers and the sound and beauty of moving water excite your senses. Water features such as waterfalls, waterscapes, and streams naturalize any setting. A waterscape will attract birds, frogs, fish and provide a focal point of interest to the eye, season after season. The sound of moving water isn’t just calming, the sound also dims less wanted sounds such as cars and lawn mowers.

Watergarden Services

Make Sure Your Water is Properly Maintained

In the spring AQUA DOC offers a general spring cleaning. This process removes winter debris to ensure that the ornamental ponds get off to a fresh start. Ponds are drained, power-washed, pumps are re-installed and then refilled. This clean-up enables us to better control the build up of organic sludge, fish waste, and any other solid material in the ponds before they can cause any problems. Fish are more visible and happy in a clean pond.

Throughout the rest of the season we offer Water Garden Basic Management Programs to preserve the health and beauty of your water garden. Filters are cleaned and evaluated, biological treatments are utilized to control nuisance algae, waterfalls are checked, plants are fertilized, and the needs of any fish or aquatic habitants are identified. We will also identify and notify you of any problems.  Some smaller repairs can be done that day.  Larger repairs will be quoted and scheduled.

Offered in the fall is our Water Garden Winter Closedown, which prepares the water garden for winter. This can include the removal/cleaning/storing of any moving equipment, preparing the landscape for the winter season and prepare the fish for their winter hibernation.

Each program offered is customized to each pond’s individual need. Also available is a customized complete worry free annual program, which combines each component of the above described services.