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 a focal point of interest

Imagine walking into your yard and you notice the sound of falling water. You move towards the sound and find a magnificent watergarden! Darting fish, fragrant flowers and the sound and beauty of moving water excite your senses. Water features such as waterfalls, waterscapes, and streams naturalize any setting. A waterscape will attract birds, frogs, fish and provide a focal point of interest to the eye, season after season. The sound of moving water isn’t just calming, the sound also dims less wanted sounds such as cars and lawn mowers.

Full Season Management

customized to your pond

The AQUA DOC Full Season Watergarden Management Program is a worry-free stewardship-based program to keep your water clean and clear from open to close. The program includes a general cleaning where your watergarden will be drained, winter debris removed, power-washed, pumps re-installed and the pond refilled. This initial clean-up removes the build-up of organic sludge, fish waste, and other solid material returning your pond to a pristine mini-ecosystem.  Throughout the season your watergarden specialist will visit your pond approximately every two weeks to maintain the health of your water and beauty of your feature. The routine visit includes cleaning filters, managing nuisance algae utilizing best management practices, inspecting the waterfall, fertilizing plants, and examining fish or other aquatic inhabitants for over-all health. Your aquatic specialist will communicate to you the general conditions of your pond and notify you of any adverse issues that may have been identified.  Finally, in the fall your feature will be closed down for the winter. The shut-down readies the feature for winter by removing, cleaning and storing moving equipment such as pumps, and preparing the feature, plants and fish for the winter.

AQUA DOC’s Full Season Watergarden Management program is customized to each individual feature.  We offer complementary consultations, let us design a program for you.

Watergarden Renovations

repairs, rebuilds and renovations to revitalize your feature

AQUA DOC also offers repair and renovation services for watergardens and waterfeatures.  Available services include, but are not limited to, complete renovations and rebuilds, pump replacement, removal and replacement of liner, plumbing repairs and rock resetting.  Contact our team for details.

Watergarden onsite services and programs are limited to the Northeast Ohio region.