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Healthy lakes & ponds

prevent future problems

The natural beauty of lakes and ponds is a captivating feature in any landscape. Healthy lakes and ponds are not only beautiful but they provide a habitat for a marvelous variety of plants and animals. They also have such recreational uses as fishing, swimming and boating.

Unfortunately, there are many threats to the health and beauty of our water. Among them are such things as human activities, soil erosion and runoff of excess fertilizer from farming and landscaping. All of those can contribute to excessive plant growth.

While some plant growth is necessary, there are some invasive plants that can ruin the health of your water and disrupt your activities.

Renewing Pond Health & Beauty

for over 35 years

Managing the health and beauty of your lake or pond requires constant attention focused on preventative strategies rather than reacting to immediate problems. While ponds have common characteristics, each pond is unique just like humans. Therefore, managing ponds and the threats to them require extensive knowledge and experience.

AQUA DOC has been sustaining and renewing the health and beauty of ponds for 35 years.  This experience is not only valuable in managing current threats to your pond, but is also critical in anticipating future threats.  We will work with you to develop a management program to enhance your pond.

Our Full Season Program is a worry-free way of controlling nuisance plant growth and maintaining the beauty of your pond. Our specially trained and licensed aquatic specialists will evaluate your pond and design a program to fit your needs. Spring through Fall we will send a crew of our aquatic specialists to care for your lake or pond approximately every two weeks. This schedule allows us to stay on top of your needs and make certain that any problems are not allowed to get out of hand.  We are also “on call” at all times.  If a problem crops up between visits, just call and we will respond within 24-48 hours.  If you have a special event or party scheduled, let us know and we will do our best to schedule service to be sure your lake or pond is at its best.


  • Customized Lake & Pond Management Programs
  • Individual treatments of lakes and ponds for algae and submerged weeds
  • Excavating new and existing ponds
  • Water coloring for enhancement of your lake or pond’s beauty
  • Lake studies to enhance understanding of your pond or lake’s condition and needs
  • Lake and Pond Restoration
  • Cattail removal
  • MetalCraft dock systems
  • Sand beach installations
  • Fish stocking and surveys
  • Geese control programs
  • Retail sales of products