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In today’s world, we are looking for ways to be environmentally friendly and conscientious, all while saving money. That includes in the care of our ponds and lakes.  Running bottom aeration 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you’ll slowly start to see an improvement in your water quality.  The “rotten egg” smell will leave as dangerous gasses from the bottom are pushed out from the fresh, clean air being pushed in. With fresh oxygen lowering pH levels in the water, algae and weeds have a tough time growing. Organic material and sediment are reduced a little at a time.

During winter months, bottom aeration moves warmer water from the bottom of the pond to the top, keeping an area open, allowing the benefits to continue.  In the summer, bottom aeration moves the cooler water to the top of the pond.  With the water constantly moving, insects such mosquitos and midge flies are unable to lay eggs in your water.  With all of the fresh oxygen entering the water, you’ll find your fish healthier, water clearer, fewer weeds and less algae in your pond.

The cost of a bottom aeration system is only a few cents an hour (prices vary based on per kilowatt hour charged by your electric company).  There are also other options in aeration such as solar and windmill powered compressors.

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