Muck Digester by UltraClear 2 lb.


Muck Digester  by UltraClear® in convenient one ounce dissolvable tabs, makes treating muck build-up in ponds, lakes and lagoons easy!  Reduces organic sediment and animal waste with all natural beneficial bacteria.

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Eliminate Pond Sludge with Muck Digester!

  • Contains 100% safe, natural ingredients
  • Combination of 9 strains of beneficial bacteria
  • Reduce pond muck
  • Eliminates organic sediment (muck) on pond bottom
  • Reduces sludge build-up from organic decay
  • Breaks down and eliminates animal waste
  • Eliminates murky water from organic decay
  • Reduces undesirable odor from decay
  • Reduces toxic ammonia from pond water
  • Lowers problem causing nitrate and phospate
  • Can be used in cold water or anytime of the year
  • Safe for all fish and wildlife using pond
  • 2 pound jar will treat a half acre pond for one application or a quarter acre pond for two applications
  • Use as directed

Dosage Rate: Medium size ponds: Use 16 tabs per quarter acre surface area every 2-4 weeks.  Assumes average depth of 4 feet.

How to apply: Convenient easy to use tabs. Broadcast over surface and allow to sink to the bottom.

Additional jar sizes available for special order, contact us for details.







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Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 9 x 9 in


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