Cutrine-Plus 30 Pound Granular


Cutrine-Plus is one of the most popular algaecides on the market today. It is a double-chelated copper solution effective against a wide variety of algal species. Due to its double-chelate it stays in the water column longer, and in combination with its greater amount of activity in the plant can be much more effective. Best for bottom growing algae such as Chara and Nitella.



  • Ideal For Control of Chara, Nitella, and Bottom Growths of Filamentous Algae
  • Superior Chelated Formulation Proving More Algae Contact Time
  • Shows Results in 24-48 Hours
  • Registered For Use in Potable Water Reservoirs, Farm, Fish, and Industrial Ponds, Lakes Fish Hatcheries and Raceways, Irrigation Conveyance Systems Ditches, Canals, Laterals Golf Course Water Hazards
  • 30 Pounds
  • Due to governmental restrictions, we do not ship EPA registered herbicides and algaecides to the following states: AK, CA, CT, DE, HI, NH, NJ, MA, MD, ME, OR, RI, WA, & VT.  *Restricted use pesticide in Michigan and New York. Must provide a copy of your pesticides applicators license prior to purchasing this product in Michigan or New York.

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Weight 30 lbs


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