Broad Spectrum Disease Treatment by Microbe-Lift 16 Ounces


Safest and most effective treatment for the control of diseases caused by Ichthyophthirius (Ich), Costia, Trichodina, Chilodonella, Oodinium & Fungal infections.  MICROBE-LIFT/Broad Spectrum Disease Treatment is less toxic to koi and goldfish than any other malachite green and formalin product on the market.


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  • Formulated with Malachite Green and Formalin
  • Use for diseases caused by Ichthyophthirius (Ich), Chilodonella, Costia, Trichodina, Oodinium & fungal infections
  • Can be used in water temperatures as low at 50 degrees
  • Safe For Fish and Plants
  • 16 Ounces – treats Up To 4,800 Gallons of Water

*Do not use with other medications. Consult product label for directions and application rates.

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