5-in-1 Pond Test Strips


For fish to thrive, water conditions in the pond need to be the same or very similar to those found in nature. This kit measures 5 of the most important pond water conditions: pH, Nitrite, Nitrate, Carbonate and General Hardness. Improper levels can cause fish stress, which can lead to illness and death. 5 in 1 Pond Test Strips use highly accurate color charts for precise test results. Chart colors are distinctive, making the test results easy to read. And the snap-tight tube with stay-dry liner offers superior moisture protection to ensure testing accuracy.



  • Test Strips for Ponds
  • The Fast Way to Test Pond Water Quality
  • Provide Distinct Variations Between Color Charts for Easy-to-Read Results
  • No Separate Test Vile Required
  • 25 test strips

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Weight .2 lbs


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