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Single algae cells that form long visible chains, threads, or filaments, starts growing along the bottom in shallow water, or attached to structures in the water, gives off oxygen that becomes entrapped in the mat of strands causing it to rise to the surface, often a persistent problem because it reproduces by plant fragments, spores and cell division


Very fine bright green filaments, slimy to the touch, normally encountered during the colder months


Often referred to as “horse hair” algae, very coarse and thread-like with a texture of steel wool, normally brownish-yellow or brownish-green in color, forms dense clumps as it rises to the surface


Easily identified by septagon shaped cells, net-like pattern in early matting stages, normally yellowish-green, occurs later in the season, likes clean, eutrophic water


Long blue-green, unbranched filaments that oscillate naturally, common in farm ponds


Microscopic free-floating plants, blooms cause water to appear pea soup green or brown in color, can cause problems for fish if a sudden die off occurs, characteristic of very high nutrient levels in the water, extremely difficult to control


microscopic in size but in bloom proportions, will turn water a blue-green color and form surface scums


forms strands in bright green in color, in abundance will form surface scum


Causes strong odor even in small numbers, forms surface scum


Has the most complex structure of all green algae, often called stoneworts, skunkweed or muskgrass, becomes encrusted with calcium carbonate with maturity, has a “skunky” smell when crushed, easily confused with Naiad pond weed

Curly Leaf Pond Weed

very invasive exotic species of weed, grows in spring with cold water & will naturally die off when water temperatures approach 70 degrees

Eurasain Watermilfoil

very invasive exotic weed species, rapidly disperses through fragmentation, will form canopy, very competitive & able to completely dominate a plant community within a couple years