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How do I measure the surface acres of my pond?

Measuring the surface acreage of your pond is going to differ depending on the shape.  Use the following formulas to help you. Rectangular or Square Pond - Length x Width / 43,560 Example: for a pond that is 100 feet long by 50 feet wide - 100 x 50 = 5000 sq. ft....

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Should I leave my fountain in the water all winter?

In harsher, colder climates where ice and snow may build up on your pond, it is important to remove floating fountains for the winter.  The ice and snow build-up may damage your float and/or motor and may void your warranty.  AQUA DOC offers a fountain winterization...

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When is the best time to manage cattails?

Cattails are best treated in the late summer and early fall with glyphosate, a systemic herbicide.  Glyphosate, when applied correctly, will travel from the leaves to the root system of the plant decreasing the amount of regrowth the following year.  AQUA DOC offers...

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What size floating fountain do I need for my pond?

A good rule of thumb for floating fountain size is 1-2 horsepower per surface acre.  For example, if you have a half acre pond, the minimum fountain size would be a 1/2 horsepower, but 1 horsepower is recommended. AQUA DOC Floating...

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How many gallons of water are in my pond?

It is important to know the volume of water in your pond or waterfeature for many reasons including properly sizing pumps and calculating application rates. Here is the formula for calculating the volume, in gallons, of your pond or watergarden: Length X Width X...

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