The AQUA DOC team is deeply saddened by the loss of an incredible teammate and friend, Shawn Spence.  All of AQUA DOC reaches out to the Spence family with deepest sympathy and our thoughts and prayers go out to Shawn’s wife Tonya and children Trevor, Carly and Travis.

Shawn began his AQUA DOC career in 1999.  The year was 2009 when Shawn took his growing family to Columbus where he, and the team he led, grew a tremendously successful AQUA DOC branch from Columbus into Northern Kentucky.

Shawn was a fun-loving prankster and avid outdoorsman and we would like to share a Shawn story that shines a light on the kind of guy he was.  Seven or eight years ago, on the annual AQUA DOC fall perch fishing trip, Shawn, with minimal encouragement from the 10-15 AQUA DOC teammates watching in amazement, bit the head off a perch he had caught!  Not yet finished with the shenanigans however, and with his audience in stitches, Shawn reached in, pulled out the bladder and blew it up like a balloon. Then, with a quick smile, Shawn said “I was careful not to ruin the fillet!”  This was the highlight of the day, except of course, for the perch, who had no idea what fate had in store for it.

Shawn’s love of life was undeniable and we will all miss his spirit and how he made us laugh.  We imagine Shawn is now fishing on a vast blue lake for fish far larger than that little perch.  Happy fishing Shawn, we will always love and miss you.

John M. Wilson Jr.


The Entire AQUA DOC Family